Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23: Brief Revival

The purple clematis that climbs up my porch railing has had its best summer ever, flourishing like never before with both greenery and blooms. I attribute its health to a tip from landscaper Tom Jackson, who told me that it needed some shade around its base. I let ferns grow around it, and instead of all the leaves dying off halfway through the flowering cycle, as had happened past summers, they're still going strong here in late August. And although the flowers have come and gone--the pretty petals all fell off several weeks ago--we noticed yesterday that the recent rains seem to have encouraged a brief revival: one fresh blossom and another just-opening bud, looking bright and fresh amid the spiky remains of all those gone-by blossoms.

One last clematis!
I'd already said good-bye
until next summer.

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