Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12: Slumber Party

Little time to write tonight--it's been a busy one. My five-year-old niece came over for her first sleepover. We dined out at the Waterfront: pasta with butter for her, followed by a big hot fudge sundae. At Theo B. Camisole we found her a pretty new nightgown with embroidered flowers for her to wear for this special occasion. The salesclerk even tossed in a free tube of lavender hand cream. Then a walk around Camden harbor as the full moon rose in a clear sky above all those famous sailboats. In Harbor Park we walked up the stone wall of the waterfall and watched teeny baby ducks bob along the shore with lots of adults. When we got home, we had to see if the real lavender in our garden smells like the lavender hand cream. It actually does. Now, after much settling in, we're watching "Rio." She thinks we'll like it because we like birds. I just hope I can stay awake for the whole thing.

Sleepover with niece:
sundae, new nightie, movie--
will we ever sleep?

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