Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7: Alpenglow

Stuck in an office most of my day, I sometimes get frustrated about not being able to get outside and chase a bird or two. The irony is that the goal of my work is the conservation of the special wild places that I would like to be out enjoying. I can't really complain, as I certainly do get my chances to spend time on Coastal Mountains Land Trust's preserves, as well as the nearby trails in Camden Hills State Park and beyond. This time of year, however, I'm feeling particularly desk-bound. And thus very thankful that our office is at least situated with a view of the Megunticook River (and the dramatic "falls" at the Seabright Dam) and Mount Battie.

This afternoon on a trek from my desk to the printer, I happened to look out the east-facing window toward the river and the mountain. I was kind of hoping to see that red-tailed hawk again. No hawk, but I was stopped in my tracks. The snowy summit of Mount Battie shone rosy purple with the sun's last rays, transformed by true alpenglow into something almost magical. Enjoying the rich light of the day's last golden moments, I felt instantly grateful to live and work in the company of a mountain (albeit a rather small one).

Over New Year's weekend, my husband and I watched for the thousandth time the "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy. The warm glow of the mountaintop made me think of places where elves lived in Middle Earth. How many people have the opportunity to travel from typing a report at their desk to admiring a Middle Earth vista in just a few steps?

A place for magic:
golden glow of sun's last rays
lights up mountain snow.

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