Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5: Red-tailed Hawk

I woke up cranky this morning for no real reason. Just one of those mornings when I couldn't fully wake up. An early meeting didn't lift my spirits much, though my co-workers were as entertaining as ever. And later, I was sitting in my director's office discussing budget items for our next fiscal year--also not helping my mood--when suddenly a hawk flew past. A red-tail, dark chest and wing markings and red tail all fully visible, splashes of color in the grey and white landscape. The big bird flapped down the river to land in a bare oak across the water from the office. With binoculars we each enjoyed brief but perfect views of this beautiful raptor as it paused on its journey. And when it lifted off to soar back upriver, my mood rose with it.

Hawk visitation:
red-tail cruising the river.
My spirits take wing.

Added bonus: red-tailed hawk became species #10 on my list of first birds seen in 2010.

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