Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25: January Thaw

With a week left in the month, this year's January Thaw squeaked in under the wire. I woke to rain dripping off the eaves. Twelve hours later I can still hear rain dripping off the eaves. When I drove into the (unpaved) Land Trust parking lot this morning, my brakes had no effect on my momentum whatsoever; instead of turning to park, the car just coasted forward on the slick surface of what seemed to be sheer ice. I finally hit a patch of bare dirt at the bottom of the sloping lot, where I was able to turn around and get a grip, so to speak. I parked elsewhere today, after I wiggled my way back out of the Parking Lot from Hell (Hell after it froze over, of course). 

The rain brought birds back to my feeder again: titmice and chickadees visited throughout the day. The river ice looked sodden and very unsafe. "Rotten" is the term, I believe.

Wind picked up throughout the day, making late afternoon errands an adventure. I could feel my car being buffeted sideways on Route One, actually had to steer against the gusts. The one good thing: I'd been meaning to get a car wash, but now the rain has done it for me.

And luckily there was enough snow that the rain and warm temps haven't reduced everything to a muddy puddle. Some winter still remains; it's just sopping wet and not so much fun to play in right now.

I wake to dripping,
but I won't delude myself
that winter's over.

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