Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 27: Riders on the storm

A nor'easter sent snow and freezing rain gusting around my office today. I live too close to work for the weather to be an excuse not to show up, and we didn't lose power, so I put in a full day there. I was, however, pleasantly distracted for much of that time by the birds flocking my tiny window feeders. The regulars--chickadees and titmice--showed up, of course, and what I think is a solitary White-breasted Nuthatch. And then some finches I hadn't seen in a while made an unexpected appearance: goldfinches, their yellow throats looking positively sunny against the snow, Pine Siskins, and at least three redpolls--a boreal visitor I've only had at my feeders a couple times before. The finches chattered away as they chowed down; I could hear them through the window despite the roar of the wind.

Redpolls peck seed from snow.
I catch myself thinking
of raspberries.
Redpoll visitor from last year (window too splattered with snow to get a photograph today!)


  1. Nice post! Down here near Boston the Slate Colored Junco's always show up at my feeder in the hours before a storm. How do they know? So we should see them tomorrow.

  2. Thank you!
    I wonder if birds sense air pressure changes, if that triggers feeder mobbing. I've definitely noticed that here, when bad weather is on the way.