Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26: The heavens opened

I know I've been mentioning the weather a lot lately, but, well, this is Maine, and we really focus on the weather here--in part, because so many of us like to be outside, in part because the natural landscape and what's happening in it are important to us.

Also, it's sometimes unavoidable. A minute ago it suddenly started raining so loudly and so hard that it sounded like thunder drumming on the roof. A curtain of water gushes off the eaves, and a poor goldfinch perches in the feeder looking out, trying to decide if he wants to fly through that deluge or not. So far, not. Now, real thunder adds to the clamor. Meanwhile, the calm drone of voices continues in the conference room. Even when the heavens open, dumping buckets of rain, life goes on.

Parts of Penobscot County had flood warnings this morning, according to the emergency weather alert that came over public radio this morning. Seems like several mornings' classical music programs have been interrupted by weather alerts lately, thanks to a series of storms moving through. Ah, summer in Maine...

The world's a green room
with water as its ceiling,
water for its floor.

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