Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12: Morning catbird

Unusual for me, I woke at dawn, the light bright under the bedroom blind. Instead of falling back asleep, I lay there for a while listening to the rush of the river and the early birdsong. It seemed like such a luxury, to know I didn't have to get up for a few hours, to just stay in my warm, comfortable bed and enjoy the natural music outside.
Catbird's song at dawn--
how long can I lie in bed
simply listening?

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  1. Hi, Kristen!

    I found my way to your blog after hearing "How Baseball Saved My Marriage" on The Writer's Almanac yesterday. I enjoyed it so much that I shared it with my daughter--a big Red Sox fan, and my husband--who sometimes worries that I might drive away and forget to come back.

    It's a coincidence that you wrote about the catbird yesterday, because when I was out for my walk yesterday morning, I'm quite sure I heard a catbird imitating a loon call--either that, or a confused loon was roosting in the top of some tall pines! (I'm not much of a birder, but I don't think that's even possible.)

    As a very intermittent blogger, I'm impressed with your dedication--158 posts in 2012! (I've written 7 so far this year...)

    I look forward to reading more of your poetry. Thank you for sharing it.

    Amy Chapman