Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 9: Hunger

Our cat was a starving stray before she came to us, so she has some food issues. We're trying to get her on a regular eating regimen so that she doesn't overeat and become obese and unhealthy. But in the training process, she's not getting to consume as much as she thinks she would like to. So she spends a good deal of time after what are quite filling meals wandering around the house yowling for more. The drama of it! She's like the Sarah Bernhardt of cats, surely about to waste away any moment as she restlessly paces the house. Such soulful stares we get as she looks up at us, meowing pitifully, as if to stir us into action toward that empty dish.

Such carrying-on
facing night's wide-open maw--
the hunger of youth.

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