Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 19: Cowboy boots

My visiting sister and brother-in-law and I went shopping today while my parents watched my nieces. Downtown at one of those antique co-ops where each vendor has their own section, way in the back corner, is a room full of vintage cowboy boots. I've always secretly wanted cowboy boots, and apparently my brother-in-law has too. (My sister has not only owned more than one pair--including a very cool purple pair I coveted when we were younger--but she was even wearing cowboy boots today.) He turned up a pair of very cool black Tony Lama lizard-skin boots, very snazzy looking. Then I found a pair almost exactly the same style except in brown. We both agreed that the boots felt like they were made for us, and that wearing them gave us a tougher new attitude. So we bought them. Happy birthday to me! Now I'm ready to do some walkin'...

Old cowboy boots on,
I find myself wanting to
drink whiskey, kick ass.

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