Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23: Camden Daylily Garden

Here's how Susan Shaw advertised today's Camden Daylily Open Garden at her house around the corner: "Where can you find the Loch Ness Monster and a Laughing Giraffe at the same place, same time? Your Dream Lover? Would you like a Pathway to Peace?" Names of things have always captivated me. Those of day lilies are sheer poetry:
Strawberry Fields Forever
Age of Aquarius
Wrapped in Gold
Angel's Sigh
Band of Gypsies
Polynesian Love Song
Fire Agate
Cosmic Struggle
Exclusively Subversive
Wineberry Candy
Forestlake Ragamuffin
Velvet Widow
Hush Little Baby
Lemon Cream Truffle
Blueberry Breakfast
Jurassic Butterfly
Love Over Gold
Wisest of Wizards
Pinch of Lavender
Bowl of Cherries

And the range of colors! Words cannot do these flowers--or this garden--justice. So here are some pictures (with apologies for the poor formatting; I can't figure out how to place photos where I want them in this program):
Blueberry Breakfast
Cosmic Struggle

Fire Agate
Pinch of Lavender

Wineberry Candy

Their names are poems,
but words can't convey lilies'
glorious colors.

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