Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19: Dessert

I'm on vacation this week and spending three days of my time off on Monhegan. Besides being a place of great natural beauty and scenic charm, the island is home to The Novelty, makers of some of the best pizza in Maine. So in true holiday mode, I ate a whole 10" pizza (sausage and spinach) myself for dinner. Then, in an impetuous mood--hey, I'm on vacation!--I bought a big whoopie pie and a can of Porkslap beer for dessert. The dessert of champions. The meal was an excellent one and fueled well my post-dinner walk to Fish and Swim Beaches and then up to the lighthouse to watch the village, Manana, and the sea beyond glow under the setting sun.

When it comes to food,
sometimes what brings the most joy
trumps what's healthier.

Don't those pigs look happy?!

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