Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7: Pruning

Funny how once Labor Day passes, it seems like the end of summer is nigh. Really, we've got two more weeks to go, but already there's a nip in the night air and fallen leaves rustle in the yard. Perhaps that's why I was in clean up mode after work today. While my husband gave the back yard its last short trim of the summer--preparing it for autumn's carpet of leaves--I pruned the spirea, quince, and yew shrubs. During this lush summer they'd grown completely out of control, wild limbs blocking the pathway to the back door, reaching toward my car. Then I washed my car and weeded the driveway. For some reason it seems important to neaten everything up before it's covered with a swirling cascade of birch, maple, beech, and ash leaves. The impulse seems seasonally motivated, akin to stacking firewood or canning vegetables. Getting ready.

Pruning shrubs, weeding--
trimming back summer's excess.
Change is on the way.

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