Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 2: Still Life with Crows, Squirrel, and Beach Ball

This morning a crow out back made a sort of throaty chuckling noise, causing me to look out the window. What I saw made me chuckle, too: on the green tableau of my neighbor's back yard were arranged four crows, a grey squirrel... and a beach ball. The crow that had called seemed to be addressing itself to the squirrel, which was on the alert but not backing down. All five creatures appeared to be grazing together without incident, in fact, perhaps poking around for the first fall of green acorns. And the beach ball? Well, it wasn't doing anything. But if I were a children's book author, I think I'd have my next story there somewhere.

An odd arrangement:
four crows, squirrel, and beach ball.
Fun interrupted?

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