Saturday, August 7, 2010

August 7: Sleeping in the Car

My mother has told me that when I was a baby the only way they could get me to fall asleep sometimes was to put me in the car and drive me around for awhile. I guess old habits die hard, because if I'm in a moving vehicle for more than 45 minutes--and I'm not the one driving, of course--I very often fall asleep. Yesterday I fell asleep on the ferry back from Vinalhaven (and woke just outside the Rockland Breakwater to see the three-masted schooner Victory Chimes in full sail). This afternoon I fell asleep as Paul drove us home from Freeport. (I woke up to the much less picturesque Rt. 17 & 90 intersection.) I'm still a bit groggy, but better rested, thank you. There's just something so soothing about sitting back in the passenger seat as the miles roll by, knowing I'm in safe hands with my husband at the wheel, and closing my eyes...

Drowsy in the car.
Even fields of goldenrod
can't keep me awake.

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