Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6: Embers of Vesuvius

On this sweltering day it seems only appropriate that my favorite (cultivated) day lily, the beautifully named Embers of Vesuvius, is erupting into bloom in our front yard. My husband and I chose this rich orange flower from among the many offerings at Sue Shaw's famous day lily garden in Camden in part because of its color, but mostly because of its irresistible, poetic name. (For the same reasons, we also have a two-toned pink lily named Strawberry Candy that looks good enough to eat.) So it always makes us happy when we see that fiery glow amid the garden's greenery each summer. The petals itself are a bit over-sized, creating a fire-breathing monster of a lily that's as hot and orange as the Dutch World Cup soccer team. (Hup Holland Hup! With all my Dutch in-laws, I was very excited when the Netherlands made it into the finals today.)

An Italian heat.
Embers of Vesuvius
flicker in the yard.

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