Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20: Comic Relief

I had to get up earlier than usual this morning for a meeting, and if you know me you know that unless I'm getting up early to go birding, mornings are not my best time. It takes me awhile to ease into my day. This isn't a simple matter of caffeine, either, because I haven't been a coffee drinker since college. I've always been a slow starter. So at what felt like the crack of dawn this morning, when the rising sun had just set fire to the treetops across the river, I sat at my desk groggily checking e-mail. Suddenly, a crow flew across the back yard carrying something white. I could hear a small gang of jays yelling. Then another crow plopped down on the lawn right outside my window with something white in its bill. They must have raided my neighbors' compost bin. I couldn't tell what the two crows had snatched, but the snacking crow's bill was covered with it. The crow looked like it had dipped its face in a bowl of frosting or whipped cream. Despite my morning grumpiness, I couldn't help but laugh aloud. Alas, when I stood up to get a better look, I inadvertently scared the bird away. When I got home this evening, there was no sign of anything white and messy back there, so it must have come back for its treat after I left. Most days I'm just thankful if there's something to get me going, and if it's something that makes me laugh, all the better.

Morning's first, best joke--
pilfering crow's white-splotched beak.
Laughed myself awake.

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