Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17: Stars

Standing in the bone-chilling dark along the waterfront of Camden, Orion overhead, harbor below, the universe a pierced and sprawling void...

Orion's wide belt:
cosmic punctuation marks.
We're seeing the past!

Two for the price of one tonight:

Castor and Pollux,
twins, paired stars. Make up your mind
is what they're saying.

If I'd managed to glimpse a Leonid meteor, I might even have written three. I love seeing the classic stories of Greek mythology sprawled across the sky. Inspired by the constellations, you could retell a hundred tales and make up your own besides. The time of year when Orion rises is when I most enjoy sky-watching. His presence is for some reason such a comfort to me, as if he were a nocturnal giant watching over us while we sleep or some sort of star-made god.

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