Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 10: Tidewater Farm

For two summers a Little Egret, a species from Africa, has been spending its breeding season in Falmouth, Maine, rather than Europe. One of the best places to observe this bird is at Tidewater Farm, a housing development in Falmouth with a conservation parcel that includes the abandoned buildings of the original farm. The boarded-up old house, with broken windows and graffiti, sits near wetlands along a tidal river. The egret flies upstream with the tides to feed in the shallows, often in the company of native Snowy Egrets. 

I had tried to see this bird a few times, with no luck. But today, thanks to my bird guide friend Derek (of Freeport Wild Bird Supply), in this interesting setting, I finally saw the Little Egret. Not only was it a life bird for me, but it happened to be ABA-area lifer #500, a milestone. Another story 

Abandoned farmhouse
on a tidal stream--
feeding egrets come and go.

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