Monday, May 18, 2015

May 16 - 18: Back on Monhegan

Spent the past three days on Monhegan Island, about 15 miles off the coast of Maine in Muscongus Bay. While this incredibly scenic place is an artist colony and a popular tourist destination, this time of year it's all about the birds. Monhegan lies in the Atlantic flyway and is a notorious migrant trap; many species rarely seen anywhere else in Maine show up there during the spring and fall flights.
It's still early spring out there, with leaves just budding and only the earliest of flowers blooming. Intermittent thick fog added to the chill. But the birds, the birds were on the move, impelled north by forces they don't understand, adding color, and joy, to the spare island landscape.
Manana Goats
Back on the island
goats loosed for summer--
their joy is mine.
Burnt Head in Fog
Shifting island fog
reveals in surf below
errant buoys, eiders.

Hooded Warbler
Early morning calm--
hers is the only motion,
yellow of first light.
A bounty of orange
appearing, disappearing--
hungry for more.

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