Friday, March 6, 2015

March 6: Ferry to Nassau

Sadly, we had to leave Small Hope Bay Lodge today. In hopes of finding some pelagic birds, we decided to take the Bahama Fast Ferry from Fresh Creek. Friday is ferry day at the Lighthouse Marina, and the dock was bustling with cargo being forklifted off the boat and onto trucks. We were among the few passengers and had the entire top deck to ourselves; from that vantage point, we saw what was probably that first Bahama Oriole calling from the same perch as a few days before. We were also eye level with Royal Terns flying past as we left the dock.
The turquoise water of the shallows quickly gave way to the deep blue waters of the Tongue of the Ocean, an oceanic trench between Andros and New Providence Islands that is up to 6,600 feet deep. Out in the deep water, we saw no birds, but we did see several flying fish, which thrilled me as they buzzed for many yards over the waves below.
Pulling into Nassau, we approached the old lighthouse, on one side of which you can see the towers of Atlantis Resort & Casino on Paradise Island, and on the other, several multi-story cruise ships. And when we land, we're down below waiting for a taxi into the city.
Flying fish--
I wonder which element
it enjoys most.

Bahama Fast Ferry awaits us in Fresh Creek
Lighthouse Marina as we leave Fresh Creek
Looking back on shallow water as we cross the Tongue of the Ocean
Entering Nassau: Atlantis on Paradise Island to the left; cruise ships to the right

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