Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 9: Birding Portland

Today was the 11th annual Rarity Roundup in southern Maine, coordinated by my friend Derek Lovitch of Freeport Wild Bird Supply. Groups of birders bird a particular territory on the coast between Portland and York, particularly looking for uncommon or out-of-season birds. Derek, his friend Evan and I birded Portland, from the Eastern Prom at sunrise to the West End to Back Bay at sunset. Highlights included a flock of crossbills, a pair of shovelers (ducks) in Deering Oaks Park's pond, Black-crowned Night-herons in the pond at Mercy Hospital, and a Red-eyed Vireo in a West End neighborhood. The bird of the day was the Hermit Thrush, which we found in every little pocket park of downtown Portland, on lawns, in backyards, and in patches of woods, over thirty in all.
Spirit of the woods--
bright-eyed thrush watching
in every tree-green corner.

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