Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 11: Flight to Florida

After Bangor was enshrouded by ice yesterday morning and our flight was delayed five hours, we felt very fortunate to be on the only plane leaving the airport that afternoon. Our gratitude was bolstered by the fact that on the drive to the airport we passed many cars off the road--even after conditions had improved--and when we got there, we were surrounded by hundreds of troops--men and women who had been deployed for months overseas and who were now going to have to wait one more long day to continue their flights home to family.
I felt relief tinged with a little guilt when we finally arrived in the warm embrace of Florida late last night for our vacation.
Outside the airport
Killdeer cries in the rainy dark
beyond the palms.
And then this unexpected stopover on the drive to my mother's house:
Part of this happy crowd--
cheering on the Patriots
in a smoky Hooters bar.

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  1. Glad you made it AND got to watch the game.
    Please give us some bird reports from Florida,
    That would cheer us up here in the north.