Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31: Anticipation

This morning I took one look out the window and brought my raincoat to work. The sky glowered, lowered, and fell. Rain and clouds. But mid-afternoon, it seems to be sweeping through. Patches of blue and brightness appear. And it's such a relief, because tonight is not only a full moon, but the Blue Moon, the second full moon of the month. An auspicious moon. Just knowing it's up there isn't enough; I want to look the moon full in the face.

Coincidentally, fireworks will also brighten Camden Harbor tonight, to kick off the start of the Camden Windjammer Festival. If the skies clear, we'll be able to watch the full moon rise over the masts of the tall ships as fireworks burst in celebration.

Kids eager for fireworks,
but I await
tonight's blue moon.

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