Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29: Peace sign

Photograph (and peace sign) by Clifford Pendleton
It was all over Facebook among friends here in Camden--or those from Camden--on Memorial Day. Cliff Pendleton had somehow managed to create a perfect peace sign by burning rubber right in the center of town the night before. The street serving as the canvas to this masterpiece of public car art is Main Street (a.k.a. Route One), at the intersection of three other major streets, the literal crossroads of town. The precision driving required to create such a thing boggles the mind a bit. 

As Cliff wrote when he posted this: "Fuel to town ten bucks, court summons [by the Marine Patrol, no less] hundred thirty nine, miles of smiles PRICELESS!!" This is civil disobedience at its best, in my opinion. I especially enjoyed seeing a photograph posted later of the town's Memorial Day parade passing over the peace sign. What better way to honor our fallen dead than to wish for peace so that no more fall in combat?

Tire tread mark peace sign--
sometimes a small disruption
can make a big point.

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