Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5: Crow convergence

So wonderful to see blue sky still at 5 p.m. And apparently the crows were excited about it too. As I was leaving the office for a meeting, dozens of crows were flying from all directions toward a nearby stand of pines. The waxing moon had risen above snowy Mount Battie, glowing with the setting sun's rosy light. And in the foreground, crows came from all directions, some swirling in the air, some landing in the trees, feathered black silhouettes everywhere I looked. I almost drove off the road, I was so intent on figuring out what they were up to. But they didn't seem to be gathering with that same frantic urgency as when there's a hawk or owl to chase away, no diving or swooping at anything. They were just, well, gathering, like one big crow happy hour.

Company of friends--
even crows enjoy chilling
together, day's end.

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