Friday, September 9, 2011

September 9: Lost Penguin

I seem to be internationally-inclined these days. Today a friend shared a link by which one can follow a lost emperor penguin named Happy Feet (found a bit off-course in New Zealand) back to his home in Antarctica. I've been a bit mesmerized by the computer screen since I got home, but I love that technology makes it possible for me to not only track a penguin on the other side of the planet, but to also share this experience with friends and strangers all over the world.

Meanwhile, house finches chirp querulously outside my window, eyeing the bird feeder.

I hope he makes it back home--he seems to have slowed down these past few days. So many people are watching. There's always something to amaze out there. For better or worse, I know. Today, I'll take this.

Tonight I follow
a lost Antarctic penguin,
ignore my finches.

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