Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23: What Is That Crow Up To?

To be grammatically correct, I guess I should have said, Up to What Is That Crow?

I'm home sick, and today's source of entertainment is my back yard, where a pair of squirrels assiduously combs the carpet of wet leaves for food. A couple of nights ago I tossed a full bag of popcorn out there, next to the stump where I left them the (now-eaten) Halloween pumpkin, and I think they're still looking for more. Or perhaps they cached some and are now trying to find it again.

Just now, as the squirrels were burrowing through leaves in that vicinity, a crow landed on the lawn and cawed at the squirrels, who appeared a bit startled and backed away. It then hopped up onto a branch directly above where I had strewn the popcorn, cawed a few more times, grabbed something from what looks like a little hollow in a nearby tree trunk, and flew off. Another crow spotted it and chased it down river. As I type, I still see the two of them in the morning mist, chasing one another among the bleak tree trunks. I wish this window faced the couch, where I've been holed up for two days, so I could enjoy the crows and squirrels from a recumbent position. Spending a day trying to figure out what crows are up to seems far superior to watching tv or reading a book.

Watching crows' antics,
trying to get in their heads,
I forget I'm sick.

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