Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17: Oak

My neighbor across the street has a big oak tree in his backyard, and its leaves are shimmering right now in the late afternoon light--many-fingered green hands fluttering in the breeze. Oak trees have long been associated with spiritual power, most particularly with those gods who wielded thunder and lightning. The Druids believed that oak trees had a particular magic, as well, and held sacred rites in oak groves. To the right ears, the sounds made by rustling oak leaves were supposed to be some kind of augury, an arboreal oracle. To me, there are few trees more majestic than an old spreading oak laden with twisting, leafy boughs, standing in the middle of a sunny field as if overseeing its domain. The King of Trees. The King of Summer, just four days from his Solstice coronation.

Broad oak leaves whisper
of centuries of sun, wind,
and acorns to come.

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