Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9: Numbers

5    maximum hours I estimate I slept last night
7    blueberry muffins my niece and I baked this morning for Mother's Day brunch at Nanny's / Mom's house
2    warbler species heard singing today
17  trout caught by my husband in the river behind our house this afternoon
1,642   ranking of Paul's book on Amazon as I type
1.5  hours I think I just napped after being unable to keep my eyes open any longer
6    channel on which the soothing golf match was televised
2    songbird species heard on t.v. while falling asleep to golf
1    warm, loudly purring cat napping with me

And thus I summarize the highlights (excepting the first item) of my day. Not very poetic, granted, but some days are like that.

Napping with my cat
while Paul fishes, with golf on--
some much-needed calm.

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