Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24: Sparrow in the Snow

This afternoon as the rain briefly turned to snow outside my office, the local song sparrow took shelter in my little window bird feeder. He (I think it's the male that's been singing at the edge of the office lawn) occasionally ate some sunflower seed, but mostly just sat there looking a bit dazed. Probably wondering why he'd made such an effort to get here this early, with snow still falling. Even as I moved around my office, he stayed there on the edge of the feeder, watching with his bright little eyes as snowflakes lazily drifted past. Eventually someone came into my office, causing the sparrow to fly down into a bush, but he returned later for another long stint. While I worked at my computer, it was comforting in a way to look up and see the bird there, bill stuffed with seed. But I also couldn't help but worry about him, hoping he'll find enough food and good shelter to get him through the cold snap we're supposed to get this weekend. Granted, this chilly wet weather is more typical of late March in Maine. And some song sparrows even winter over. They're tough little birds. But until the warm weather is here to stay, I know I'll feel a small sense of relief each day that I continue to see him.

Early spring sparrow,
what goes through your little brain
as rain turns to snow?

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