Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 21: For Charlie

We spent a good portion of the day at the Wellesley Country Club celebrating the life of Charlie Palmer, who would have been 76 today. The father of my best friend, he was one of the kindest, most generous-hearted human beings I've ever known. The event was a true celebration--not without tears, but also with a lot of laughter because that's the kind of person he was. Around him there was always laughter, stories, and genuine caring for whomever he was with.

The photo on the back of the program featured Charlie standing up on a chair giving an extravagant toast at our wedding. We felt like family with Charlie, as did, I think, everyone in that crowded room, only some of whom were actual family. Charlie, my man, we miss you. You have left a large void in our lives, and we're all going to have to be better people to help fill it. This one's for you:

Charlie, your friend dreamed
where you are there is baseball.
That is excellent.

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