Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19: Solar Power

This afternoon my husband and I assembled our solar clothes dryer, otherwise known as a clothesline. I already had a small one on the back porch, but I wanted a bigger one on which to dry a blanket and some towels in today's sun and wind--it's a perfect clothes drying day. It took some doing, as there was no obvious anchor on the end away from the house, but we finally found a workable tree and now it's up. My view from desk to river is filled with a colorful string of swaying towels and assorted clothing items. In a funny way the clothes on the line echo the prayer flags strung up on the shed and the porch--really big flags sending their own blessings for energy efficiency and more of these beautiful summery days. And soon we'll be able to enjoy the brisk feeling of wind-stiffened towels smelling of outside.

Clothes on the new line
soak up sun and wind. Flapping,
become bright pennants.

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